Month: December 2020

White Girl with Braids

Back in 1996, on a whim, I got braids. I didn’t have any thoughts about what that meant socially or politically. Honestly, it wasn’t part of our national conversation. Or maybe I just wasn’t aware. I was aware of the power of hair, at… Continue Reading “White Girl with Braids”

Celebrating the Light

I never believed in Santa. Never. Really. He was just a story with ancient origins that my parents would share to illustrate how even one person could make a difference by doing something kind. But the Christ Child, he was real. Christmas was all… Continue Reading “Celebrating the Light”

The Paradoxical Present

A few days ago, a man yelled at me in the post office. I came home and made myself a drink. My response was not cause and effect per se. My response was simply my present. A mixture of Covid19 and a country unhinged.… Continue Reading “The Paradoxical Present”

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