On the topic of Home

Potato Soup

Chewing has become exhausting. I wish I had understood that decades ago when I made soup for my father.

When Place is a Verb

Thomas Rhett has a new song out where he says, “It sure is good to be country again.” I’m struggling to understand what that means. What does it mean to be a place?

The Children are Watching

I’ve been working for the United States Census Bureau this summer, interviewing home occupants for the American Housing Survey. Occasionally, I get a person who is rude and shuts the door on me. One guy threatened to call the police, which actually is funny because I’m not soliciting – I’m with the government – and…

Seniors Leaving Home

When it’s time for assisted living, it’s not the home or belongings our elders miss. It’s the freedom and their youth. They don’t so much care if they are forgetting things, they have all the memories they need.


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