On the topic of Home


We can probably all agree that home has a lot to do with family and friends and *if you’re lucky* your home includes both. But then there are neighbors. And neighbors can make or break a good home. A few years back, Maran and David bought a home they absolutely loved. They were excited. They…

1-Euro Homes: The House I Love But Can’t Buy

In my last post about 1-euro homes, I mentioned how Lorraine Bracco purchased a home for 1-euro and, after starting with a renovation budget of $145,000, the project ended up costing her more like $250,000. That’s a huge difference from budget to reality. Even if I had the money, I wouldn’t want to risk that…

Rethinking Mother’s Day

You think Mother’s Day is just a celebration of women who birthed babies or raised kids? Think again. The origins of this special day may surprise you.


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