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Doggie Dad: The Archetypal Father

The role of the Father—at least archetypally—is to encourage the child to leave home, to have an adventure and discover a new world for themselves. He prepares the child to become an adult and find home separate from Mom.

Mom is a Metaphor for Home

“My story starts where every man’s story starts: with mom.”[1] Mom is our very first home. Every one of us began our lives in our mother’s womb. Here we were nurtured, fed, protected, and grew until we were old enough, developed enough, to leave… Continue Reading “Mom is a Metaphor for Home”

Coronavirus in Italy, Part 2: Death, Age, and Identity

“These are our great elderly who are dying. That they should go like this, it’s deeply unjust.” [1] According to, as of last night there are now almost 60,000 reported cases of Covid-19 in Italy.  74% of those infected are over the age… Continue Reading “Coronavirus in Italy, Part 2: Death, Age, and Identity”

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