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Channel 2 News Tulsa

After several months of being in Italy during Covid19, I was worried about getting home. Katie Keleher at Channel 2 News Tulsa tried to help.

Buona Pasqua

Listening to Handel’s Messiah while in Sicily during the Covid19 pandemic

Video Update from Italy: March 31, 2020

How I’m doing in quarantine in Sicily during Covid19, and a few tips for what you can do too.

Quick Video Update

Hey, I’m new to this whole video thing, so this is rough. But at least it’s short! There’s more I would have said, or would have said differently. Point is: there are still 7 states that have not enacted any regulations & restrictions during… Continue Reading “Quick Video Update”

The World Needs Your Courage

The World Needs Your Courage

The truth is, today I am a bit raw. Fatigued. Slept 10 hours. I know I will need several days to recalibrate and adjust. I am grateful – always grateful – and, yes, this is not what I expected for this trip. Today the… Continue Reading “The World Needs Your Courage”

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