I love engaging an audience as a facilitator of ideas and discussions. That’s where the juice is, where the interesting stuff occurs. Pick a topic and I can make it interesting. Really. Go ahead, try me.

Below are some workshops and presentations that are right up my alley. And if you need other ideas, visit

  • Mom: The Metaphor, Archetype, and Reality
  • How Childhood Influences Our Adult Experience of Home
  • Home and Human Needs: The Archetype vs. Our Reality
  • Home and The Hero’s Journey: Understanding Home in Our Personal Myths
  • Landscape and Play: Key Ingredients of Feeling at Home
  • Sacred Spaces: How to Find and Create Home in Our Modern Mobile Lives
  • A Room of One’s Own: The Importance and Meaning of Home
  • What Our Houses Reveal About Us and How They Influence Our Reality
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