On a Lighter Note…

I Found Kleenex!

Now, just to be clear, because I wasn’t before, you can find facial tissue in Italy. In small packs. The kind you stuff in your pocket or purse so you don’t look like Grandma with a wad curled up in her sweater sleeve. But those come with plastic packaging. About eight tissues wrapped in plastic, clumped together in packages of six or ten and wrapped in more plastic. I don’t want those, thank you. I’m happy to be like Grandma – or my own mom, for that matter. Like her, when I die, my family will find plenty of tissue wads—clean!—in every purse and every jacket pocket. (But they won’t find money. At least my mother had money mixed in there too.)

I found a BOX of facial tissue! Only one brand, only one choice. Praise be! Course, I had to go to the Supermercati… Honestly, this place is only twice the size as the store on the next block, or the next block over, or the one a block after that. But a different variety. Like I said, they had Kleenex. They also had tomatoes wrapped in plastic (wrong, just wrong).

And gluten-free pasta made from rice and corn! The guy apologized that they only had spaghetti. Are you kidding? I was thrilled. First of all, I really am eating too much gluten. I can feel it. Not cramping, but… ugh. And secondly, it’s made with corn. Now, in the States WAY too much stuff is made with corn. But when it comes to pasta, this is a necessity. It helps the pasta stay firm, al dente. Rice pasta turns to mush. Don’t ever buy rice pasta. You’ll hate it. Trust me on this.

But I digress. You want to know the other wonderful thing I found? Yes, even more wonderful than facial tissue and gluten-free pasta? WINE! Sicilian wine!! In one store, an Amaro – and Italian digestive. Can’t wait to try this. And in another – Five choices! FIVE! I wanted to buy them all, but that’s such an American thing to do. That would be hoarding. It’s only me, alone, drinking. And just for another three weeks. (Theoretically.) I don’t need five bottles of wine, plus the Amaro. So… I bought two. 😉 The first choice, naturally, had to be the one with the label marked “Corleone.” No explanation necessary, right? And the second, a merlot. Now don’t anyone go “Sideways” on me about the merlot. Yes, I’m laughing. Come on, aren’t you just a teeny bit interested in what to know what a Sicilian Merlot tastes like?  (I’ll let you know!)

And finally, most importantly, Chocolate! I couldn’t find the Duplo hazelnuts covered in chocolate that I’ve grown to love since being in Italy, so I splurged. Saw this 18-pack of Ferrero Rocher and, despite the hefty $12 tag, I bought it. Drastic times call for drastic measures. And for when I run out of those, I bought Nutella. Have no idea what I’ll spread it on. Wait, silly me. Nutella goes on anything. Like bananas. And spoons.

If you don’t hear from me soon, you can bet I’m in a sugar-induced stupor.

4 Comments on “On a Lighter Note…

  1. Jan
    Appreciate the update, along w/your humor.
    Be well and safe-connect when you can. Praying for you!
    Pat McDonald

    Liked by 1 person

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