Some things are the same

I’ve had a headache for 2 days. Maybe three. Time is a bit of a blur, marked only by the light outside.

I can’t tell if it’s tension or sinus. Probably both. Ibuprofen doesn’t touch it. Yoga feels great but doesn’t bring relief. Nor does acupressure. No doubt too much sugar and not enough magnesium. I’ve been rationing my magnesium. It wasn’t really enough to get me through six full weeks and now it needs to last… (how long??)

I tried buying vitamins from the farmacia (local drug store). Yeah, okay, so this is how that went: Fiber is vanilla flavored psyllium. The kind you mix with water and try to chug before it reaches the consistency of sand sludge. Yuck yuck yuck. (My 3-year old screams, “YUUUCK!!!”) But I’m an adult, so I bought it. Then I asked for Vit D, which came in a single dose liquid of 50,000 IU. For 8 euros. I bought that too. Finally, Vitamin A. Only comes in suppositories. I declined.

So… I got online and ordered from VitaCost. An extra $29 for FedEx shipping seemed like a small price to pay. It was. Then came the phone call from customs in Italy, and the emails. Eight pages of completed forms were required, along with another 40 euros. At least the customs man was very nice. Even when I only paid .40 euros – whoops!! Was pretty sure as of yesterday that my package would be with me today. Nope. This morning FedEx texted me. I need to pay another 29 euros. I haven’t responded. I will. Just need a moment.

I made a video two days ago to assure you that I am fine, still positive, still smiling. Only I can’t get it to load to Facebook or to my blog. I still can’t get my blog to look right. My federal tax return, received electronically by the Feds on 2/14, is still being processed. AT&T failed to provide me international service (causing me to purchase a TIM card instead), but still charged me and won’t stop charging me until I’m back in the States. I’m accustomed to using chemical-free products, sans artificial scents (dish soap, hand soap, detergent…), which I can’t find here. And yes, despite loving solitude, I’m going a bit stir-crazy. So yeah, just like you, I’ve got frustrations.

I wish I had oatmeal. Funny, because I’ve never liked oatmeal. But I found a bag in one of the empty apartments (a bit like Goldilocks) and I’ve eaten it every day. The perfect comfort food. I figured out how to make it without it becoming gummy and gooey. Topped with banana and strawberries, a dollop of honey, and a milk floater on top. SO good! It became the perfect way to start my day. Only, now, I’m out. And the stores don’t carry it. I’ve been to five. Also wish I had mint tea, kale (yes, kale), my zoodle maker, and my hand blender for making pureed soup. And turmeric and ginger. Ah, the luxuries of my life in the States!

Do I have any reason to complain about any of this? Absolutely not. It is what it is, and I’ll get through it. As will you. The bulk of my frustrations? Same as always. The same things for which I am grateful and typically take for granted: technology, bureaucracy, having what I want when I want it. First world problems. (Not that I’m grateful for bureaucracy, but I do appreciate government and providers of services – when they work properly. And can we really call this first world problems? These are the frustrations of the privileged, wherever you live.)

I can’t imagine that you’re interested in any of this, but you’ve been asking, so I’m sharing. Maybe it helps to know I’m going through the same things you are. We’re all in this together.

The sun is still shining up in the sky, behind the clouds. A man just drove by with gloves on, texting on his phone. Oranges are still sweet and satisfying.

Some things, my friends, are still the same. Wherever you are.

4 Comments on “Some things are the same

  1. Yup, interested. It’s your dance, YOUR passage through this quagmire, your little story in the biggest story of our lives. And I SO enjoy the way your share it. The sun finally came out in Idaho. Very grateful for that. And for our big, beautiful yard to wander around in, especially when it gets about 50. Keep it coming Jan. Your story matters. You matter. Grateful for YOU.

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  2. We’ ve reached some equilibrium here. We are all reinventing ourselves. My oldest son in Boise is getting married and because of her “fiancee visa” it has to be within 48 days. I have been only face timing my three mostly far away and grown kids. Me, Sylvia, gregarious people-hugger, I’m learning to be reflective, patient, bored, and yet kind and easy on myself, mostly. The weather has been cloudy, cold 30 to 40 degrees with a stiff breeze, and still a bit of snow in the back yard. But still, birds are back! Green things are pushing up through the dead leaves and grass. I saw the first dandelion! Introspection is not such a bad thing but I come alive for 10 minutes at 8 o’clock when we all go out on the porch and howl for our medical workers. I get to shout and howl with my neighbours and it is the “social” part of our day! Love and miss you!

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    • Thank you for this update! Yes, life goes on and there is so much beauty in the simple things. 🔆 I’m glad you and your family are well. One day at a time! I send howls of love, laughter, and perseverance to you and all in the WRV!! 💕💕

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