The Tyrrhenian Sea, Sicily

Almost 8 weeks now, 52 days to be exact, that I’ve been sheltered near the sea in Balestrate, Sicily. Across from the beach. Sitting on the balcony, watching the water, listening to the waves. Enjoying the breeze with my morning coffee, an aperitif with the setting sun, a final cup of tea in the evening. Sometimes the water is calm. Other times, she is boisterous and laughing.

This morning, finally, with restrictions eased and no need for an official form to take some exercise, I harkened the call. First, the port:

Then the beach

and my feet in the water! toes in the sand, waves around my legs

See those open windows in the blue building on the right? That is Le Luminarie, where I’m staying. The farthest right is my balcony, and to the left, my kitchen.

I walked this strip three times back and forth. So very, very happy. Lamenting poor Alfred Prufrock. The sea does, indeed, sing to me!

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