When Life Throws a Curveball…

So, I had made it to Balestrate without being stopped by the police. I was safe in an apartment close to the sea. My car was rented for an entire week. Maybe I could see some things before returning it?

Sure, I knew the entire country was in lockdown but … the reality is that we really don’t know what something means until we are in it. There is knowing and then there is knowing. Intellectually, we understand the words and the concept. But visceral knowing is when it sinks in. And there is a whole world of difference between the two.

A bit like when a kid asks about an adult scenario and receives an answer that is incomprehensible. We understand the words, but the idea is just too far out there that we can’t take it in. (e.g.: Where do babies come from? What??? Daddy does WHAT???)

I was having a hard time understanding what Italy’s complete lockdown really meant.

NO TRAVEL BETWEEN TOWNS WAS ALLOWED. But maybe I could still make it to Marsala to pick up some wine before dropping off my rental car in Palermo. Maybe?

It’s hard to let go of our plans. When life throws a curveball, we still want to swing.

It would take several admonishments from Italians for reality to sink in. Italy was in complete lockdown and I was in lockdown with it. For longer than I knew.

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