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Harry Potter, Little Women, and Lady Bird

What do Harry Potter, Little Women, and Lady Bird have in common? They all have interesting representations of Mom. The nurturing, baking cookies,always there with a hug kind of mom.

Seniors Leaving Home

When it’s time for assisted living, it’s not the home or belongings our elders miss. It’s the freedom and their youth. They don’t so much care if they are forgetting things, they have all the memories they need.

The Special Role of Fathers

Things have changed a lot in recent years. The traditional roles of mother and father aren’t what they were when many of us were growing up – and certainly not what they were in the time of our grandparents and those before them. Today,… Continue Reading “The Special Role of Fathers”

The World Needs Your Courage

The World Needs Your Courage

The truth is, today I am a bit raw. Fatigued. Slept 10 hours. I know I will need several days to recalibrate and adjust. I am grateful – always grateful – and, yes, this is not what I expected for this trip. Today the… Continue Reading “The World Needs Your Courage”

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