Bobbie and Billie: The Twins

The puppies are growing! Only six days old and I’m amazed every day by how big they are getting.

Blessing, as you know, was born first. As I was still attending to her and making sure she could breathe, the next two arrived in short order. For that reason, I’m calling them the twins: Bobbie and Billie.

They have similar markings as Blessing and Baxter. Bobbie’s markings are darker, closer to black, while Billie’s are brown. Auburn. More commonly called “red,” though I’ll never understand that.

Here’s Bobbie

And this is Billie

Momma Mazie is continuing to do great. She’s eating a lot, which is good, cuz her pups are too!

Meanwhile, I’ve started “early neurological stimulation” on all of the pups: five daily exercises that studies show benefit in multiple ways, including 1) improved cardio vascular performance, 2) stronger heart beats, 3) stronger adrenal glands, 4) more tolerance to stress, and 5) greater resistance to disease. I have a professional dog trainer with tons of experience advising me. (Including years of experience raising therapy dogs.) These are going to be very healthy and well-adjusted pups!

I’ve you’re interested in adopting, let me know! All pups will be adopted through Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) Tulsa. Great organization. You can read more about them by clicking on the link above (click on ARF).

The pups will not be ready until 8-10 weeks, so the very earliest you can pick one up would be October 7th. Two of my cousins have already laid claim to Blessing. But the boys, Bruno and Baxter, and the twins, Bobbie and Billie, are still looking for good homes! 😊

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